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How do I pay for a booking?

So you’ve found the perfect sitter or dog walker, contacted them, and had a Meet & Greet, sounds like you’re ready to book. To book a service, simply:


1. Navigate to your Inbox by selecting the conversation icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

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2. Locate the conversation with the sitter you want to book with under pending requests.

Note: You can select the Book Now button from this view, or you can open the conversation to review the details before booking.


3. Review booking details to make sure the dates, the number of pets, and the price details are correct, then enter/review your payment for the booking. If you have a coupon or promo code, click Enter promo code.

4. Click Request to Book.


Once the sitter accepts your request, the service has been booked. You'll receive an email confirmation and the stay will appear in the Upcoming Stays tab of your account.

Your card will be charged for the entire service at the time of booking. Your sitter or dog walker will be paid within five working days of the end of the service. For more information on how payments work, check out the payment section.

Rover App:

  1. Tap Inbox at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Under Pending, tap the request you’d like to book.

    iOS                                                                              Android

    Inbox_pending_request_UK_IOS.jpg             Inbox_pending_request_UK_android.jpg

  3. Tap Pay now (iOS) or Book it (Android) at the top of the screen.

    iOS                                                                                 Android

    Pay_now_pending_request_UK_IOS.jpg.             Pay_now_pending_request_UK_android.jpg      

  4. Enter your credit card information. Tap Next.
  5. Enter your billing address. Tap Add Card.
  6. Enter any promo codes you may have and tap Redeem.
  7. Review your stay summary and tap Request to Book.


  • If you've changed your pending request to include additional dates or pets, your credit card will be charged the new rate. The previous charge for the first request will also appear on your credit card statement but will be invalid as soon as the new debit has been made.
  • If you need to make changes to your booking, please contact your sitter directly. If the sitter agrees with the changes, they can edit the booking from their rover account.
  • Booking and paying through Rover is required per our Terms of Service.
  • Never pay your sitter or dog walker by cash or cheque, this can expose you to fraud and makes your bookings ineligible for the Rover Guarantee and support.

Your card will be debited for the entire stay at the time of booking. Your sitter or dog walker will be paid two days after the service has ended. For more info about how payments work, check out the Payments section

Have questions? We're here for you! Contact Rover Support at 020 262 2332. Or, submit a help request by navigating to the bottom of any page in the Help Centre and selecting Contact Support.

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