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What are the service fees?

Rover exists to make it easier to have a pet in your life. Running the company, including world-class Rover support, a dedicated team of trust and safety experts, and an innovative and secure platform used by thousands of pet lovers every day requires ongoing funds. These standard service fees, allow Rover to operate and continually improve to meet the needs of our growing community. They also cover the Rover Guarantee, a reimbursement program primarily intended to protect pets.



Pet sitters and dog walkers take home 85% of their earnings from each booking.

Note: Take-home rates may vary by country. If you’re a sitter moving countries, the take-home percentage will be adjusted to match that country’s current rate. To learn more about the process for moving countries, please contact Rover Support.

Information about VAT

If you’re not registered for VAT, the service fees will include VAT and Rover will remit VAT to tax authorities. If you are registered for VAT, these service fees are excluded from VAT, and you’re liable for reporting VAT to the tax authorities.

To learn more about taxes and DAC7 requirements, visit this article.


Pet Owners

Pet owners are charged a service fee amounting to 15% of the total booking. The fee cannot exceed €49/booking. This amount is refundable should the booking be cancelled by either the sitter or the owner, in accordance with the sitter’s cancellation policy.


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